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School Broadband

Netcentral offers cost-effective broadband solutions specifically designed for the needs of your school.

Providing schools in East Anglia with cost-effective and reliable broadband

Your school is different to all others in terms of location, ethos, the educational needs of its students, as well as the available budget for spending on system upgrades, including the installation of new broadband connections.

With this in mind, Netcentral works with schools in East Anglia to find the best broadband type and installation process for their needs.

Line speed and capacity should be modelled on your school’s educational and management requirements, taking into account the number of pupils, the technology currently utilised by the school as well as plans for future growth and ICT development.

Netcentral provides schools with an individual service, based around our expertise in providing broadband connection to school sites. Our aim is to provide you with a solution that offers the most to your school and your pupils, given your needs and the resources at your disposal.

The right broadband solution for your school or IT department

Types of broadband service connection


EoFTTC connections are recommended if they are available in your area.

EoFTTC is the next generation of broadband technology on from standard FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet). It ensures your school will get the quoted line speed every day, independent of how many are using the internet at any given time.

An EoFTTC service has the added feature of a Guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA), giving you the highest level of support.

You can expect EoFTTC services to be installed within 30 working days.


Also known as “superfast broadband”, FTTC broadband uses fibre optic cables to increase your broadband speed connection.

FTTC connectivity delivers high speed, however it is affected by the distance your school is from the cabinet you would use. Our advisers will ensure you get the best speed possible with your FTTC broadband connection.

FTTC connections typically take 45 working days to install.


ADSL is the most widely available broadband service. It may be the only service available in your school’s area – but don’t worry, it is still a fast and reliable service and our engineers will ensure you get the speed and a capacity that matches your school’s requirements.

Dedicated Leased Line

Leased lines give your school its own fibre connection, specific to your school and unshared with any other destination.

Due to the control and capacity that comes with a dedicated leased line, they are recommended for all secondary schools and large primary schools.

Leased lines are symmetrical, meaning that upload and download speeds are the same. This is a useful feature for many cloud-based applications.

Leased lines also come with SLAs. Installation times will vary from 45 to 90 working days, given the fibre optic infrastructure already in place.

Overhaul of school IT system with added school broadband service and regular ICT support visits

Woodland View Junior School is situated in Spixworth, just outside Norwich, for pupils aged 7 to 11 with 149 pupils on the role and 21 staff. They have specialist facilities for design & technology, cooking and ICT which are used by all year groups.

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Long term school support with system upgrade, quick connectivity and internal mentoring programme

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