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Backup & Disaster Recovery

As modern businesses move more and more into entirely paperless operations, they have become vulnerable to hard drive failure, malware infection and ultimately data loss.

Keep your systems safe with Netcentral backup and disaster recovery for businesses in East Anglia, Norwich and Norfolk

One lost memory stick, ill-timed Windows update or sudden mechanical failure could take days, weeks or months of work with it. As such, it’s vital to have a proper backup and disaster recovery system in place.

Ensure your business has a belt-and-braces system for dealing with disasters and catastrophic data loss. We have a number of options available for our clients, such as our cloud-based backup system which is fully automated and hands free. This system runs in the background during normal computer use and provides a robust, completely secure offsite backup at a competitive cost.

Standard disaster recovery systems use our backup software to create regular daily or weekly backups of both files and system state off-site in a secure location, and provide our clients with the capacity to easily restore to this system state. We store multiple backups at once, so if you need to restore to an earlier date to remove malware that’s entirely possible as well.

Netcentral will assess your business to decide on an appropriate disaster recovery strategy, ensuring you are covered for the three major physical factors (fire, theft and flood), as well as hardware failure or software threats.

We aim to get your systems replaced or restored as quickly as possible, minimising downtime and data loss, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

A complete and comprehensive backup service

Netcentral backup and disaster recovery services can cover:

  • Full system state backups
  • Files and system settings
  • Secure, guaranteed data centres for off-site storage
  • Backups integrated into the disaster recovery process
  • Backup systems designed to work with your software

Business disaster recovery solutions

Netcentral can assist with every aspect of your business disaster planning and provide you with backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Our experienced consultants will ensure you have the right disaster recovery solution to meet your needs, and we also provide all the installation and support you need for minimal disruption to your business.

A profitable relationship

Netcentral do more than just provide a one-off service.

We develop friendly, informative, mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our customers, allowing for continuity and deeper understanding of the needs of a growing, adapting business. We’re all about future-proofing, incursion-proofing and overall bomb-proofing your business to provide it the necessary space in which to thrive.

Streamlined IT operations with robust disaster recovery system

Traditional Norfolk Poultry (TNP) is one of the UK’s leading producers of free range and organic chickens and turkeys, with major retailers, supermarkets and other blue chip firms among its impressive list of clients. Netcentral have been supporting TNP across all IT functions since 2014.

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